Auburn Avenue

One of first objectives of MACDC was to create a targeted development plan focused on Auburn Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the heart of Mt Auburn.

In 2015, Auburn avenue was location of major medical center, a presidential birthplace, and access to some of the city’s finest parks. But it also contained blighted properties and lack of retail business or new housing.

In creating the corridors study, over 400 people — including residents and local stakeholders — were engaged through public meetings and open surveys, to provide their opinions.

In 2017, Cincinnati City Council approved the Auburn Avenue Corridor Strategic Development Plan — to revitalize the center of Mt. Auburn and create our Neighborhood Business District. Since the approval of this plan, over 250 new housing units have been constructed near the Auburn Avenue corridor, an investment of over $40 million. Blighted propertied are being stabilized, development plans are being made, parks are being improved.

We continue to build on these successes — engaging developers, businesses, and residents, and coordinating with the city — working for continued growth in our community.

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