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Inwood Playground

Part of Mt. Auburn’s growth comes thanks to our dedicated focus on families. Fun fact: Mt. Auburn has increased our population by 21% without displacing anyone!

One of our latest offerings is a new playground – located in Indwood park! Check out the picture below:

Port Shorts

Mount Auburn, Ohio is a bedroom community of Cincinnati just one and a half miles from the Queen City’s central business district.

Its stunning views from most anywhere in the neighborhood and its famous architecture are its calling cards to those who know the 183-year-old community.

But in recent years Mount Auburn has lost a bit of its luster in some places… like here on Loth Street.

It’s an area of Mount Auburn sorely in need of an upgrade

“This street has been neglected for years. There are only a few homeowners on the street and there is no equity in their homes because it’s been pretty much been ignored for decades.” – Carol Gibbs, President & CEO – Mt. Auburn Community Development Corporation

And that’s where The Port comes in.

Over the next several years newly constructed townhomes will begin to line the partially abandoned street.

In the first phase of construction, six new townhomes will be built on this vacant lot on Loth Street.

It’s all part of The Port’s Neighborhood Revitalization strategy.

The intent is to transform vacant, blighted residential properties into safe, high-quality single-family homes to increase homeownership, protect surrounding property values, and provide housing options across a range of price points from affordable to market-rate.

The six new townhomes being built on Loth Street will list in the range of $400,000, with profits from these first six homes used to subsidize future affordable housing development in Mount Auburn.

A high price tag for some, but with benefits for all.

“It seems a little high for me, but if it’s being balanced out with other sort of mixed-income areas, I like that idea.” – Matthew Gilliam, Mt. Auburn Loth Street Resident

So much of the work done by The Port is one lot, one home, one property at a time.

And for communities like Mount Auburn, our work sometimes makes dreams come true.

“My dream for Mt. Auburn is to improve the areas that have been neglected for decades. It is to take all of the abandoned buildings and restore them, make them vital, make families want to come and move to Mt. Auburn to get more kids in our schools. Just to build our community.” – Carol Gibbs, President & CEO – Mt. Auburn Community Development Corporation

New Playground at Inwood Park!

In the summer of 2019, we asked 30 children to tell us what the playground of their dreams might look like.  They told us and the design team spent the next year making plans.  The design team, which included The Cincinnati Park Board, Cincinnati Park Foundation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, PNC Bank and MACDC, considered the needs of all children no matter their age or ability and today that 9,500 square feet of playground is being built and should be ready for play this Summer.

Playground installation in progress, April, 2021:

Flatiron Building Renovation

After five years of acquiring and stabilizing, we are finally
renovating this beautiful historic building. In a partnership with
Neyer Holdings, we are looking forward to being able to start
enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in this neighborhood
asset by late Summer or early Fall of 2021!

Auburn Avenue Improvements

The Auburn Avenue Improvements are underway. The length of Auburn Avenue will be widened from Taft to Dorchester making 4 full lanes.

Phase I from Taft to Gilman is now complete.

Phase II from Gilman to the Dorchester Five Points intersection will begin in July 2021.  This phase will include moving the Five Point intersection up to Estelle Street  (and extending across  the previous “Bodysnatcher” location).